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Spring Term 2017 Events, Tours, Trips, and Travel 

Attending special events and traveling with the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) introduces you to new ideas and experiences, and is a wonderful way to meet other members who share your interests and have fun. Guests may attend trips, events and travel, unless otherwise noted (*members only), and all require pre-registration. You can click the links to review an individual option or scroll down to see the entire list.
The events, tours, and trips will be posted soon!
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Regenerative MedicineBehind-The-Scenes Tour of Pittsburgh Public Water Supply
Tropical Costa Rica
Turandot: What a Riddle!
 Women's Heritage Trail Bus Tour
How to Influence Your Government  National Parks of America

  Other Upcoming Trips



Regenerative Medicine

Bryan Brown
Wednesday, January 18 from 1-2:50 p.m.

Regenerative medicine provides the potential to repair or replace diseased or damaged tissues and organs as opposed to the current approach of treating the symptoms when the body is adversely affected by trauma, disease, or congenital deformities. Scientists and clinicians are evaluating various therapies such as using a patient’s own cells to help repair a disease or defect in the body. Advances are being made in the laboratory and in the translation of these novel therapies into clinical assessments.

Turandot: What a Riddle!
Jno Hunt
Thursday, March 9 from 10-11:50 a.m.

Would you risk your life on your ability to answer a riddle that no one else ever had? That is exactly the gamble that an unknown stranger attempted in order to win the hand of Princess Turandot. To fail meant to be beheaded! This presentation explores Puccini's masterful and beautiful setting of this fairytale set in ancient China. We will examine the circumstances affecting Puccini while composing this, his last opera. We will also discuss the cast and production of the upcoming performances of Turandot by the Pittsburgh Opera. Tickets to Turandot may be purchased through PittArts.

How to Influence Your Government
Patricia O'Malley
Thursday, March 9 from 1-2:50 p.m.

The Bill of Rights guarantees our individual right to petition the government, but many Americans feel powerless to influence public policy. They are frustrated with the current political climate, but don't know how to fight the big corporations and organizations that have so much clout. Learn how individuals and small groups can influence legislation and regulations through lobbying and community organizing techniques. 


Behind-The-Scenes Tour of the Pittsburgh Public Water Supply
Session 1: Monday, April 24 from 10-11:30 a.m.
Session 2: Tuesday, April 25 from 10-11:30 a.m.

These tours are for Members Only. Those who were signed up and/or attended last year’s tour cannot register for these tours until March 7. The Pittsburgh Public Water Supply (PWSA) dates back to 1802 with the construction of four public wells in the downtown area. With increasing population and industry, the need for infrastructure and capacity also increased. As a result, an expanding network of pipes, storage tanks, and reservoirs found a permanent source water supply in 1903 when the city purchased the site along the Allegheny River in Fox Chapel. This facility employs the technique of convention filtration—coagulation, sedimentation, filtration, and disinfection.

During the tour, a brief history of the Pittsburgh Public Water Supply will be discussed in the lobby of the Operations Center at the plant. Following this discussion, the tour will venture outside and walk along the Allegheny River to the head/front of the plant. From this point we will follow the water treatment process through the screen room, clarifiers, and finally, the filters. We will conclude the tour with a stop in the laboratory discussing what PWSA is doing to monitor for source water protection,process control, and the testing done on samples collected out in the distribution system—the water that we all drink.
This tour will include considerable walking including stairs.




Tropical Costa Rica
February 13-21, 2017
Price: Single $3,549, Double $2,999 per person, Triple $2,969 per person

Come explore all that Costa Rica has to offer in this nine-day trip around the country.  Lush forests and stunning waterfalls…exotic wildlife and endless coastlines…Costa Rica is truly a slice of paradise.  We will start in San Jose, travel to the beach town of Guanacaste, and then go to Monteverde Cloud Forest including a hanging bridge tour.  Next we travel to the Arenal Volcano and Cano Negro.  Enjoy the various landscapes and ecosystems of Costa Rica!

Women's Heritage Trail Bus Tour
May 1-3, 2017
Price: Single $800, Double $650, Triple $600, Quad $550 (per person)

Join OLLI at Pitt and Lenzner/Coach USA as we explore the Women's Heritage Trail in Seneca Falls, Auburn and Hyde Park, NY.  Joined by Louise Mayo, OLLI instructor and former History professor, we'll learn and enjoy a number of sites along the way.  The package includes a visit to the Women's Rights National Historic Park, a guided tour of the Stanton House, the National Women's Hall of Fame, the Harriet Tubman Home, and Val-Kill, the only National Historic Site dedicated to First Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt.  We'll also enjoy a wine tasting and dinner at Belhurst Castle on Monday evening, followed by dinner at the Culinary Institute of America on Tuesday evening.

National Parks of America
June 2017
Price: TBA

Talk about a bucket list trip - mark more than 10 National Parks and much more off of your must see lists!  The trip will begin in Scottsdale, AZ and move north.  You will visit the Sedona, Grand Canyon, Zion National Park, the Great Salt Lake, and Jackson Hole, including the majestic Bear Lake Summit.  After Jackson Hole, you will see Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks, followed by Mount Rushmore and the Crazy Horse Memorial.  Much of the twelve-day trip is provided by motor coach so you can enjoy the sites!

Imperial Cities (Prague, Vienna, and Budapest)
October 23-November 2, 2017
Price: Single $4,399, Double $3,699 per person, Triple $3,669 per person

Iceland's Magical Northern Lights
January 15-21, 2018
Price: Single $3,499, Double $3,199 per person, Triple $3,169 per person

Other Upcoming Trips (all tentative)
Egypt, including Cairo and Ancient Egypt (with Rebecca Denova) – Date: TBA